Arcade Fire Album Launch

The Reflektors
a review by Andy Gray

One of the very foundations of our success here at Apotheca is the music, day in day out we encounter like minded folk over the bar who are extremely passionate about many different kinds of it. So, when I had a conversation with our resident DJ Andy Hunt about doing something for the release of arcade fires new record “Reflektor” it was ambitious ( for a Monday night) yet highly logical.

We laughed at the high probability of it just being the two of us holding hands and having a sing song, but what actually happened was something we never anticipated. The downstairs bar was transformed into a disco infused glitter bombed Arcade Fire shrine with artwork from “the suburbs” on the walls, two mind blowing interactive points from the bands website and an array of their music videos. After some technical brilliance from Andy Hunt’s workforce a site was set up for people to RSVP the event, and everyday building up to it the number started to swell. The old saying goes “nothing surprises me anymore” but then they didn’t have 60 people come out on a Monday night just to listen to a record.

The cocktail where flowing the people were dancing, complete stranger became friends if only for the few hours in that basement, all because of one band all because of love for music ! We even shoe horned a raffle in there in which one lucky person came away with the “Rekflektor” vinyl. As you can imagine we where proud as punch and yes we where there at the end arms around each other singing along.